Consumer Lending

Predictive analytics drive smarter lending

Earnix provides advanced software solutions that help consumer lending executives interpret market trends, evaluate tradeoffs and formulate strategies to increase the financial performance of the bank’s loan portfolio.

Our solution applies to all lending lines of business including unsecured personal loans, mortgages, home equity, credit card and direct and indirect auto financing.

Consumer Loans & Credit Cards

By providing insight on how customer profitability is impacted by utilization, prepayment, attrition, loan losses and competition, Earnix predictive analytics improves portfolio performance.

The powerful analytical engine embedded within the software enables even non-technical users to build segmentation schemes based on term, loan size, loan-to-value (LTV), credit score, relationship level, geography or channels. Leveraging these insights, decision makers can create pricing structures that align rates, fees and benefits to specific organizational goals. The software helps manage risk while achieving sound compliance practices and conforming to regulatory processes.

Mortgage & Home Equity

In a highly commoditized market with strict regulation and tight margins, mortgage lenders must find ways to safely and efficiently align pricing strategies to business objectives. With Earnix, banks can use predictive analytics to achieve origination goals while maintaining or improving margin requirements. Moreover, Earnix software and modeling expertise can help mortgage lenders better manage the customer lifecycle by predicting and preempting prepayment attrition and refinancing.

Home equity lines of credit and loans provide additional challenges as pay-downs, utilization rates and refinancing can have a significant impact on overall performance and profitability. When pursuing home equity prospects, banks can leverage Earnix predictive models to improve new customer targeting, thereby reducing customer acquisition costs while increasing profitability. Similarly, Earnix predictive analytics can help increase HELOC activation and utilization, leading to significant increase in profitability while better managing risk exposure.