Driving Better Decisions

Leverage your data to drive business performance

There is a fundamental change happening in consumer retail banking. We know more about our customers than ever before. Banks now have access to an almost unlimited amount of data which can be analyzed to improve every aspect of banking, including the customer experience, targeted offers, product pricing decision and next best actions.

Although banks understand the importance of data, and even have gone so far as to begin to collect the data, it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand what to do with it. The challenge remains in being able to understand client behavior, draw actionable insights and deploy these insights to the real-time customer engagement systems. Banks are tasked with trying to identify the right data sets, gathering data from different sources and applying the right decision-analysis techniques with the right toolset. Furthermore, they are challenged with overcoming constraints of legacy IT systems when deploying analytical based actions in a timely manner, through all channels.

With Earnix you can consolidate information, apply behavior analytics and make better, data driven business decisions.

Predictive analytics as the cornerstone of the business

Banking executives face an acute need to price products correctly to reflect risk while balancing between multiple conflicting KPIs such as volume, margin and market share. Moreover, banks need better tools to manage large, complex portfolios in an increasingly intense competitive environment. Standard industry practices – rules of thumb and simplistic non-analytical methods – simply no longer suffice.

Leveraging all available customer data to apply predictive analytics is essential to ensure pricing decisions are aligned with strategic objectives. Using the same data and models to conduct what-if scenarios and forecasts, at both the product and line-of-business levels, will further ensure that firms develop the right strategy.

Our promise

Earnix empowers bankers to make faster and more informed decisions, driving personalized customer engagements while meeting their business objectives. Product targeting and pricing decisions are orchestrated across the bank’s entire portfolio, resulting in alignment of business strategies with growth and profitability goals.

Our solution

The Earnix solution provides financial institutions with a predictive analytics software platform. The point-and-click software enables banking executives to work through all phases of customer targeting, promotion and pricing management: data management, visual modeling, scenario creation, simulations and forecasting, decision-making, deployment, monitoring and reporting. Once strategies are formed, the Earnix online solution delivers the applicable real-time product quotes as offers to all channels, ensuring quick time-to-market.





The Earnix professional services team supports clients at every stage of the implementation and deployment process. After a fast and efficient execution, our industry experts are available to ensure that the users maximize the value from their software investment. The Earnix support model is flexible to provide as much or as little support, as clients require.
Earnix software can be delivered on premise or via the cloud. When delivered via the cloud, the solution conforms to the highest information security standards and can be configured to run complex analytics and what-if scenarios in just a few seconds.

Explore the analytical path to success

Leveraging client behavioral models improves a bank’s performance, period. We see a significant improvement in any line of business when the Earnix solution is implemented. More efficient growth, improved margins, better risk management, enhanced performance tracking and improved speed to market are within reach for organizations leveraging the Earnix solution.