Earnix solutions are used by many of the largest global insurance companies. Following are some samples of the benefits these companies have gained as a result.


Company Profile Business Challenges Results Delivered by Earnix Solutions
Global Personal Lines Insurer Address a rapidly softening market and aggressive pricing strategies of competitors leading to a 10% drop in market prices Increased retention rates while increasing profits by of 3.5% of Gross Written Premium (GWP)
National Car Insurer Increase profitability of renewals while maintaining volume of existing policies in a strictly regulated environment Profit increase of 2.8% of Gross Written Premium (GWP) while complying with regulatory requirements
UK Insurance Broker Achieve higher growth and profitability in a highly competitive market Profit increase of 3% of Gross Written Premium (GWP) within the first year of implementation; 10% increase in earnings per customer
European Direct Insurer Respond to competitive pressure resulting in increased discounting and reduced profitability. 25% reduction in discounted premiums while maintaining customer retention goals in an increasingly competitive market
UK Bancassurer Reduce attrition rates and mid-term cancellations Maintained retention rates while increasing profits by of 2.1% of Gross Written Premium (GWP)
US Insurer Grow profitability of a large multi-state auto book in highly regulated markets Increased profits by 1.8% of GWP while maintaining retention; enabling top management with better understanding of pricing alternatives
European Insurer Grow the company book amid a softening market, while optimizing customer Lifetime Value Grew book by 10% over 3 years, while growing profits by 1.5% of GWP
EMEA Direct Insurer Increase cross-sale rates from auto to home policies Increased cross-sale success rate by 30%