One-Stop Solution

One-Stop Solution For Bank Pricing And Customer Value Optimization

Earnix provides an integrated suite of modules and capabilities that enable banks to optimize pricing and maximize customer value across deposit, savings, lending, and credit products.

With Earnix, banks are able to:

  • Target the optimal customers
  • Offer them the right products at the right price
  • Accelerate time-to-market of new offers and prices
  • Increase growth and profitability

A Single Pricing Platform Across All Products

Earnix is a one-stop solution that simplifies the entire pricing process, helping banks increase business agility by overcoming the constraints of existing legacy systems, removing the need for extensive IT support, and accelerating time-to-market of new products and prices.

The Earnix solutions can be applied to loan and deposit products alike, providing a platform that you can apply to consistently optimize your business results with:

  • Pre-approved offers
  • Through-the-door offers
  • Cross-sell offers
  • Retention offers
  • Customer service offers
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Price Optimization: Elevating Profit and Growth

Earnix best-in-class analytics and patent-awarded price optimization technology empower banks to implement pricing strategies that go beyond the traditional risk cost pricing, incorporating demand elasticity models to maximize profit and growth objectives.

Real-time Price Optimization enables banks to step up to the requirements of the competitive and rapidly expanding online banking marketplace. Earnix Banking serves as a real-time engine that delivers instant optimized price quotations directly to the point of customer interaction via the Internet, call center, or any proprietary system.

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Cloud-Ready Enterprise Architecture

Whether deployed on premise or in the cloud , Earnix can churn millions of price quotations per day, either in batch or real-time environment. It is also easily integrated with existing enterprise systems, delivering the power of optimization in a seamless fashion to every point of customer interaction through all distribution channels.

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 A Modular Solution that Allows You to Think Big, Yet Start Small

Earnix provides a comprehensive pricing platform that empowers banks to transform their pricing processes from A to Z. Rather than a “big bang” approach which can be disruptive to the business, the modular architecture of Earnix and flexible deployment options on premise and in the cloud allow you to quickly get started and grow the solution footprint over time.

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“Earnix is a vendor with proven track record in the predictive analytics and optimization area in insurance and also in banking.”
Nicolas Michellod, Celent, 2014

Maximizing Deposits Account Profitability and Volume Through Automated Deposit Optimization

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