Executive Dashboard

Bank Rating & Pricing Executive Dashboard

With the Earnix Executive Dashboard, banks that use Earnix Banking can easily disseminate information related to customer value and pricing optimization strategies throughout the organization, enabling decision makers to:

  • Analyze historical pricing and customer lifetime value data;
  • Monitor actual versus planned outcomes of current strategies;
  • Compare existing and future pricing and customer value optimization strategies.

Using the reporting capabilities built into the Earnix solution or an integrated industry-standard reporting tool (e.g. IBM Cognos), organizations can ensure the delivery of the right set of reports to each person in the format of their choice. Information can be presented at different levels of granularity and grouping, such as:

  • One or more business segments (e.g. consumer, SMB);
  • Single or multiple products and product lines;
  • One or more geographic regions;
  • The entire business.