Pricing Management

Control. Automate. Collaborate.

The Earnix Price Execution module streamlines the entire price lifecycle management, compressing the lag time for rolling out new prices from months to days.

Put Your Pricing Team in Control

Earnix provides your team with a centralized point of control over all the steps involved from the decision on a new pricing strategy to the availability of new prices in the field:

  • Developing of new pricing strategies and the resulting rates
  • Testing of the new pricing configuration for any errors and regulatory compliance
  • Deployment of the new prices to the production environment

Automate Processes, Minimize IT Resource Requirements

The Earnix Price Execution module automates the management and transition of rates through the analytical, testing, and production environments, eliminating manual processes that require heavy involvement of an often time-strapped IT support team.

  • Automated testing and verification of new pricing strategies according to user-defined criteria
  • Automated activation of new rates based on user-defined approval rules and authorities
  • Automated real-time notifications that keep all stakeholders informed when new rates are tested and rolled out to the field

Collaborate Across Functions

Using the Price Execution module, all stakeholders can closely collaborate in the rate-making decision and approval process. To enable users across the organization utilize the system in a secured fashion, Earnix provides robust access control at the product, project, and modeling levels, as well as a complete audit trail of all rate testing and deployment events.Earnix-diagrams-5-dev-test-approve-deploy