Real-time Price Optimization

Banking Real-Time Price Optimization

Real-time Price Optimization enables banks to step up to the requirements of the competitive and rapidly expanding online banking marketplace.

Earnix Banking serves as a real-time engine that delivers instant optimized rate quotations directly to the point of customer interaction via the Internet, call center, or any proprietary system.

Instant Response, Personalized to Each Bank Customer

When shoppers are ready to buy, they have little tolerance to incomplete information or mismatched offers. With Real-time Price Optimization, banks can instantaneously issue online offers and rate quotations that are optimized for each customer based on their risk and behavioral profiles.


Millions of Quotations per Day, Optimized

Built to scale up to the most demanding online environment, Earnix Banking is capable of optimizing millions of quotations daily without compromising on the powerful capabilities supported in batch optimization.

Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse of the Market

Earnix Banking allows you to analyze customer acceptance of quotations issued, so you can utilize this feedback data to promptly recalibrate your pricing strategies and adjust your rates to accommodate market dynamics.