One-Stop Solution


Earnix Insurance is an integrated software platform that empowers leading insurance companies all over the world to harness customer data and optimize business performance across auto, home, commercial, and other product lines.

By providing a single platform for customer analytics and pricing, Earnix enable insurers to:

  • Develop accurate and robust customer risk models
  • Understand the impact of pricing decisions on business performance metrics
  • Define pricing strategies that better account for market dynamics
  • Offer the right products and services to the right customers
  • Accelerate time-to-market of new offers and prices
  • Increase growth and profitability

Risk Pricing

Earnix provides industry-leading statistical tools that allow insurance actuaries and analysts to generate the most accurate and robust risk pricing models. Built-in visualization capabilities make it easy to analyze these models for selection of the best pricing strategy.

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Market Pricing

Earnix introduces a level of precision and scale that was previously unattainable in the pricing process, enabling insurers to quantify the impact of pricing decisions on customer behavior and define pricing strategies that best reflect market dynamics.

Whether pricing individual policies or generating rating factors, Earnix predictive analytics technology allows actuaries and product managers to evaluate an infinite number of pricing scenarios, quickly pointing to the strategy that best matches the company’s growth and profitability objectives—while simultaneously accounting for actuarial standards, market conditions, and regulatory requirements.

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Real-Time Pricing

In markets where regulation allows, Earnix Insurance Real-time delivers instant optimized price quotations directly to the point of customer interaction via the Internet, call center, or any proprietary system, empowering insurers and intermediaries to step up to the requirements of the ultra-competitive and rapidly expanding online insurance marketplace.

Pricing Management

Earnix Insurance helps insurers increase business agility and accelerate time-to-market of new products and pricing strategies by providing a collaborative platform that allows R&D, Product Managers and Executive throughout the organization to simplify the pricing process and overcome the constraints of legacy systems and information silos.

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Cloud-Ready Scalable Architecture

Whether deployed on premise or in the cloud, Earnix Insurance can generate millions of price quotations per day, either in batch or real-time environment. It can also easily integrate with existing enterprise systems, delivering customer analytics and pricing at every point of customer interaction through all distribution channels.

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A Modular Solution

Earnix provides a comprehensive customer analytics and pricing platform that empowers insurers to transform their pricing processes from A to Z. Rather than a “big bang” approach which can be disruptive to the business, the modular architecture of Earnix allows you to quickly get started and expand the solution footprint over time.

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“Earnix is a vendor with proven track record in the predictive analytics and optimization area in insurance and also in banking.”
Nicolas Michellod, Celent, 2014

“Earnix Optimizer allows us to continue delivering innovative, quality products at the right price points to our customers. Within a short period after starting the pilot across our direct auto insurance lines, we were able to see an impressive change to our bottom line, which we expect moving forward as well.”
Agnieszka Wronska, Chief Actuary at Link4