Risk Pricing


Earnix provides a complete risk pricing solution that enables actuaries and analysts to build robust loss cost models, evaluate the outcomes of different pricing scenarios, and hone in on the best risk pricing strategies. Once your models are ready, Earnix allows you to translate the output into rating tables with a push of a button to promptly create even the most complex rating structures.

Tap Into Powerful Modeling Capabilities

State-of-the-art statistical tools—including Generalized Linear Modeling (GLM), Generalized Additive Models (GAM) based on Smoothing Splines, and Regression Trees—make actuarial work more accurate, faster, and easier.

Make the Most out of Your (Big) Data

With more data at your disposal, Earnix makes it easy to make the most out of it. Sifting through your data, Earnix automatically points you to the variables that best fit your models, eliminating time-consuming trial and error efforts.

Simulate and Visualize Results

While packing a lot of power, Earnix features a highly intuitive user interface that provides a single point of access to all the functionality you need to quickly build your models, simulate changes to existing prices and rating tables, and conduct what-if analysis to predict the results of new pricing strategies.

Integrated Geo-Spatial Analytics

Add the geographic dimension to your risk premium modeling with spatial data embedded in your loss-cost analytics. The integrated state-of-the-art mapping interface enhances the accuracy of your analysis and simplifies the communication of its results.

 Combine Risk and Market Pricing

While it can be used standalone, Earnix Insurance Risk Pricing is designed with an end-to-end pricing process in mind, featuring built-in integration to Earnix Execution Manager and market pricing capabilities.

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Collaborate with Your Team

Unlike desktop-based tools, Earnix provides a multi-user enterprise solution that empowers collaboration within each team and across corporate functions, enabling managers at all levels to oversee the work of team members and establish consistent, transparent, pricing processes throughout the organization.

Scale to Meet Your Needs on Premise or in the Cloud

Whether implemented on premise or in the cloud, the scalable enter prise architecture of Earnix Insurance Risk Pricing supports parallel processing of the analytical workload to provide fast and reliable results.

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