Earnix Named Price Optimization Software Best-in-Class for User Experience, Business Configurability and Pricing Support

New CEB TowerGroup report highlights Earnix user experience, pricing functionality, and flexibility to meet business needs

New York, NY, Oct 30, 2012 – Earnix, a leading provider of Integrated Pricing and Customer Analytics™ solutions for banking and insurance, has received a best-in-class designation for user experience, business configurability and pricing support in the Price Optimization Software Review published by CEB TowerGroup.

The CEB TowerGroup technology analysis process is designed to drive informed business decisions by providing a customer-driven, transparent, and unbiased review.

“Price optimization technology has quickly become a valuable tool for financial services institutions as analytics reporting and data manipulation have increased,” said CEB TowerGroup Research Director Frank Bria.  “Products like Earnix Optimizer that have an intuitive interface and offer flexible modeling and simulation capabilities are well suited to meet the growing needs of the financial services industry.”

Earnix Optimizer was named a “Best-in-Class” in the following categories:

  • User Experience: Those attributes that directly enhance user productivity and their perception of the pricing experience;
  • Pricing Support: Those attributes that allow users to analyze and create product pricing schemes in the most effective manner; and
  • Business Configurability:  Those attributes that allow the enterprise to customize their pricing experience to meet their business needs.

According to the CEB TowerGroup report, market conditions are influencing a growing number of banks to adopt price optimization technologies. Declining earnings and more aggressive competition are cited by the report as the primary drivers for the easing of lending standards. In this environment, financial institutions are looking to take advantage of the growing demand for loans while mitigating risk through improved pricing accuracy. As a result, financial services institutions are expected to increase spending on price optimization starting in 2013.

“The analysis further affirms our experience in the marketplace, as the demand for our price optimization solutions continues to increase rapidly,” said Earnix CEO David Schapiro. “The best-in-class designation by the reputable CEB TowerGroup team is an honor. It is also recognition of our continued investment in our product line, designed to deliver enterprise-class pricing sophistication that is tightly integrated to existing corporate systems, and highly accessible to business users throughout the organization.”

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About Earnix

Earnix Integrated Pricing and Customer Analytics™ software empowers financial services companies to predict customer demand and its impact on business performance, enabling the alignment of pricing and products with changing market dynamics. Earnix combines risk and demand modeling with real-time connectivity to core operational systems, bringing the power of analytic-driven decisions to every customer interaction in any regulatory environment. Leading banks and insurance companies rely on Earnix solutions to optimize the prices of deposits, loans, and policies, delivering greater value to customers and higher returns to shareholders. For more information visit www.earnix.com.