Earnix Unveils Banking Predictive Dashboard at CBA LIVE 2015 Conference

Earnix Predictive Dashboard™ visualizes the predicted business impact of bankers’ strategy and pricing decisions.

Tel Aviv, Israel – March 23, 2014 – Earnix, a leading provider of integrated pricing and customer analytics software for banks and insurers, announced today that it will unveil the Earnix Predictive Dashboard™ at the CBA LIVE 2015 conference starting March 23rd in Orlando USA.

Through in-depth reporting and visualization, the Dashboard helps financial services decision-makers to understand, per each modeled predictive scenario, the resulting competitive positioning and business performance KPIs. With the click of a button, this web-based Dashboard provides graphical insights on scenarios that were modeled in Earnix Banking™. In addition, the Earnix Predictive Dashboard provides significant value to decision makers on a number of fronts:

  • A single automated platform to make confident decisions
    Earnix Predictive Dashboard releases bankers to focus on strategic decision making rather than data gathering and report creation – dramatically shortening the product update cycle time.  The ability to drill-down into details or zoom out to the big picture enables decision makers to grasp the most relevant information using a single tool.
  • Visual clarity: one predictive viz is worth a terabyte of raw data
    Predictive scenarios are translated into visual insights in seconds. Patterns and trends can quickly be observed empowering management to make faster decisions and address changes in the marketplace.
  • Multiple views: from portfolio level to customer level
    The ability to see the big picture at the portfolio level, as well as to drill-down into details related to individual products, channels and customer segments.
  • Customizable dashboard
    By using a rich set of visual aids, including interactive customizable charts, the Earnix predictive dashboard can be adjusted to represent predictive scenarios and their outcomes.  After the dashboard screens are configured, one-click commands can create forecasts, trend analysis, summaries of data, and statistics to support a wide range of strategic banking challenges.

“We are committed to developing software products to empower bankers and enable them to make decisions with confidence by visualizing the predictive outcome of their optional strategies,” said Aviv Cohen, Earnix Vice President of Products and Marketing. “The Earnix Predictive Dashboard represents an important step in this direction, allowing financial service institutions to graphically drill-down and dissect future scenarios based on predictive analytics and risk models, ultimately making better and more informed decisions”.

About Earnix

Earnix Integrated Pricing and Customer Analytics software empowers financial services companies to predict customer risk and demand and their impact on business performance, enabling the alignment of product offerings with changing market dynamics. Earnix combines predictive modeling and optimization with real-time connectivity to core operational systems, bringing the power of analytic-driven decisions to every customer interaction. Banks and insurers rely on Earnix solutions to improve deposit, loan, and insurance policy offerings. For more information, visit http://www.earnix.com.



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Director of Marketing
Earnix Ltd
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