Summit Programme

Wednesday, October 23

Pre-Summit Demonstrations

  • 12:30Barak Melnik, VP of Products and Business Development, Earnix
    Earnix Product Strategy
  • 13:00Reuven Shnaps, PhD, VP of Professional Services, Earnix
    Earnix Latest – Multi-entity Optimization
  • 13:30Avi Rubin, Director of Products, Earnix
    Earnix Latest – Stochastic Optimization
  • 14:00Jacob Eckel, CTO, Earnix
    Earnix Latest – Price Execution and Integration
  • 14:30Welcome & reception
  • 15:00David Schapiro, Chief Executive Officer, Earnix
    Opening Remarks
  • 15:30Jairam Sridharan, President, Consumer Lending, Axis Bank India
    Analytics Evolution in Retail Banking
  • 16:30Break & Networking
  • 16:45Brian Sullivan, Owner and Chief Editor, Risk Information Inc
    Pricing Sophistication 2.0: Property Insurance Transforming with New Data
  • 17:30Lars Tonnesen, SVP and Director of Consumer and Small Business Lending Pricing, Citibank, North America
    The Journey to Pricing Optimization for Consumer Loans
  • 18:30Cocktail networking activity
  • 20:00Dinner activity

Thursday, October 24

  • 09:00Professor Dan Ariely, Duke University
    The Irrationality of Behavioral Economics in Financial Services
  • 10:15Peter Jackson, CEO Travelex
    Using Behavioural Finance to Create the Next Wave of Growth
  • 10:45Break
  • 11:00Panel
    Understanding Your Customer through Behavioural Economics
  • 11:30Moshe Tamir, Head of Innovation and Sales at Generali
    Consumer 3.0 Meets The Agent 1.0
    Implementing a Multi-Channel Strategy in Financial Services
  • 12:30Lunch & Networking
  • InsuranceBanking
  • 13:30André Weilert, Global Chief Pricing Officer, AXA GLOBAL DIRECT
    Around the World – Dilemmas and Innovation in Direct Channel Pricing
    Dan Bolland, Head of Global Retail Analytics, large UK bank
    Big Data, Big Decision, Better Banking
  • 14:30Frederic Bruneteau, Managing Director PTOLEMUS Consulting Group
    Making the Telematics Business Case Work…in Your Market
    Frank Bria, Director of Professional Services Banking Solutions, Earnix
    Real-Time Optimal Decisions in Banking
  • 15:20Break & Networking
  • 15:45Panel
    Big Data, Social Data and Analytics – A Tectonic Shift in Financial Industries
  • 16:30David Schapiro, Chief Executive Officer, Earnix Closing Remarks