New Version of Earnix Optimizer Delivers Enhanced Customer Value Optimization Capabilities to Banks

Earnix Optimizer version 4.5 enables tighter integration of risk, demand, and regulatory variables to help banks optimize pricing and maximize customer value

New York, NY and London, England (PRWEB) March 24, 2008 – Earnix, a leading provider of customer value optimization solutions for insurance and banking, announced the release and general availability of Earnix Optimizer version 4.5 for Banks.

Used by leading financial services companies worldwide, Earnix Optimizer provides an integrated platform that enables banks to maximize the value of customer relationships by utilizing robust market analytics and delivering the power of optimization to the point of customer interaction.

The new release brings numerous significant enhancements, including new advanced analytical capabilities, expanded optimization options, and tighter integration with corporate systems and processes—providing an end-to-end framework that allows banks to set rates and fees for deposits and loans in a manner that is consistent with business requirements and market realities.

Highlights of the new release include:

  • Automated demand modeling: product managers and pricing professionals can now utilize Earnix Optimizer’s new Splines and Generalized Additive Modeling (GAM) capabilities to quickly and easily generate highly accurate statistical models for risk premiums, renewal and new business demand, and other behavioral models.
  • Bringing optimization down to “a segment of one”: Earnix’s pricing and customer value optimization can now be applied from whole market segments down to individual customers, incorporating business goals and constraints, cross-product propensities, and competitive market information at the appropriate segmentation level.
  • Easy optimization of existing rate tables: feeding existing price tables into Earnix Optimizer 4.5 is now as easy as copy and paste or even easier with direct upload into the system. Once the rates have been optimized, sending the output from Earnix back to the originating systems is just as easy.
  • Geographical modeling: advanced location-based modeling enables finely-tuned demand models by incorporating highly granular geographic variables such as postal codes. Spatial smoothing capabilities improve modeling accuracy and the ability to optimize pricing and maximize customer value.
  • Enhanced real-time integration capabilities: Earnix enables banks to embed the power of optimization into the business tools used throughout the organizations, facilitating cross-departmental collaboration and corporate-wide best practices to make the most out of every customer touch.

Earnix Optimizer 4.5 includes many other new and improved features. “This release is based on input and requirements of many of the leading financial services companies that Earnix has been working with worldwide,” said David Schapiro, Earnix’s Chief Executive Officer. “It is an important step forward in enabling these organizations to implement integrated customer value optimization processes utilizing a platform that incorporates analytics, optimization, and execution capabilities.”

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Earnix is a leading provider of customer value optimization solutions for insurers and banks. Earnix solutions are used by leading financial services companies worldwide to optimize customer relationships and drive significant improvements in profitability. The company is led by a team of seasoned professionals with significant financial services background combined with expertise in optimization technology and enterprise software development. Earnix is privately held and funded by prominent venture capital firms. For more about Earnix please visit

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