Earnix Optimizer: Ready for IBM PureSystems

“IBM is excited to work with Earnix, a leader in the financial services industry. Bank and Insurance companies are demanding optimized solutions, and the combination of Earnix and the new IBM PureSystems will help them reduce complexity and drive innovation.”

Michael Riegel, vice president of global ISVs, IBM


Earnix Optimizer is one of the first enterprise systems to win the Ready for PureSystems designation from IBM.

Ready for PureSystems offerings are all optimized for performance and virtualized for efficiency. They have a no compromise design with system level upgradeability. They are also designed for cloud with flexibility and simplicity.

Earnix Optimizer Ready for PureSystems comes out of the box with:

  • Built-in expertise to address complex business and operational tasks automatically
  • Integration by design to tune systems for optimal performance and efficiency
  • Simplified experience from design to purchase to maintenance

Earnix Optimizer Ready for PureSystems delivers built-in expertise that can help banking and insurance organizations realize the value of integrated customer and pricing analytics while achieving greater agility, efficiency, and simplicity of deployment and control.

Earnix Optimizer Ready for PureSystems enables collaboration among users across departments and locations, as well as real-time connectivity to customer-facing systems at the branch, call center, and on the web.

Earnix Ready for PureSystems solutions include:

Earnix Optimizer for Insurance
Provides a set of integrated modules and capabilities that enable insurers to analyze customer preferences, streamline pricing process, and optimize pricing strategies. Earnix Optimizer for Insurance is built on WebSphere®, supports the DB2® database, and runs on the IBM Insurance Industry Framework.

Earnix Optimizer for Banking
Enables retail banks analyze customer preferences and optimize pricing to improve profitability and customer acquisition/retention rates. Earnix Optimizer for Banking is built on WebSphere®, supports the DB2® database, and runs on the IBM Banking Industry Framework.