Reports and Whitepapers

  • Open Banking Report: A Platform for Personalisation

    The Open Banking agenda ushered in by the European Commission’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) comes at a time when the customer relationship has never been more fragile. In the PSD2 era, the ability to personalise a customer’s experience will be a key factor in success and will form the basis of new value propositions in banks.

  • Key insights from the Xperts Hackathon

    Competing in a dynamic environment, 18 teams comprised of more than 70 pricing strategists and data analysts from 25 insurance companies, participated in Earnix’s first Xperts Analytics Hackathon.

  • Auto Industry Whitepaper:
    Are You Prepared for the Surge in Off-Lease Vehicles?

    A surge in off-lease vehicles is headed to US car markets, creating a similar environment to the early 2000’s when leasing companies lost over $20B in residual value recovery. Experts say this influx in inventory will reduce the selling price of used vehicles by as much as 7.5% by 2018. The paper named “Are You Prepared for the Surge in Off-Lease Vehicles?” outlines five mission-critical steps that can be taken to protect the profitability of your lease remarketing and asset disposal efforts in this new marketplace. Download the whitepaper to learn about the reward for improved integration of customer analytics.


    With the advent of technology, the banking sector is undergoing a significant change in terms of enhancing its business processes and expanding its global presence. The increasing costs of deploying and maintaining complex in-house legacy systems is forcing many financial institutions to demand innovative, flexible, and cost effective deployment models for their banking solutions. Banking CIO Outlook presents “10 Most Promising Cloud Banking Solution Providers 2015”: A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the Banking CIO Outlook editorial board has selected the top Banking Cloud Solution Providers.

  • Auto Industry Whitepaper:
    How US Auto and Finance Companies Can Gain a Strategic Advantage through Integrated Customer Analytics

    US auto manufacturers, dealers and finance companies invest an estimated average of $8,000-$9,000 per vehicle on media advertising, rebates and discounted financing to support the sale of each new vehicle. Considering that the average sticker price of a new automobile is $33,500 , the investment in sales support alone accounts for over one-quarter of the potential selling price –not including other sales costs such as dealer margins or sales commissions. While the auto industry leverages analytics to help improve marketing effectiveness, these efforts are still highly fragmented and largely focused on marketing indicators rather than financial results for stakeholders. An integrated analytics framework can provide automotive manufacturers, dealers and finance companies with significant economic benefits and improve the customer experience by enabling them to target more relevant purchase and incentive offers to each consumer. Download the whitepaper to learn about the reward for improved integration of customer analytics.


    By Meryl, Golden General Manager, North America Operations for Earnix; and Aviv Cohen, Vice President of Products & Marketing for Earnix. Property/casualty insurers have started getting their feet wet with moves to cloud computing for non-core office and support service functions. But they won’t realize the full benefits until they start moving mission-critical workloads to a cloud environment, according to Aviv Cohen and Meryl Golden, who outline the benefits and address concerns about privacy and security.

  • Maximizing Deposit Account Profitability and Volume through Automated Deposit Optimization

    Download his white paper from Earnix and find out how deposit optimization addresses the challenge of setting interest rates and fees on deposit accounts by providing banks with a formula for achieving desired volumes and profitability in the face of conflicting objectives

  • Pricing Multi-Entity Policies –
    Crossing the Next Chasm of Complexity

    Download this whitepaper and see how insurers can leverage a new innovative technology to overcome the challenges of multi-entity policy pricing.

  • AM Best Interactive Whitepaper:
    Innovation in Personal Lines Insurance

    This interactive whitepaper features innovators and experts in personal lines discussing the trends driving innovation, the approaches they have taken to put new techniques to work, and how insurers can leverage new capabilities to stay ahead of the competition.