• Driving customer-centricity through predictive analytics - Broadcast live from the London Stock Exchange

    Analytics has become one of the main tools for driving customer-centricity and creating an increasingly valuable banking relationship. With customers using a variety of new channels, it is clear that banks have multiple opportunities to promote products and services to customers through tailored campaigns. Customers are expecting more from their banking experience.

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  • Creating an Insurance Predictive Analytics Portfolio - Joint Webinar by Ovum and Earnix

    If the past four years are a reliable guide, complexity, and perhaps more than a minimal degree of uncertainty, could be waiting for the insurance industry in the coming years.

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  • Predictive Modeling as a Competitive Edge: Lessons from the ISO and Earnix 2013 Insurance Predictive Modeling Survey - Joint Webinar by ISO and Earnix

    Get a behind the scenes look at how predictive modeling and analytics are being used throughout the P&C industry. We’ll review the highlights of a recent survey, which was conducted jointly by Earnix and ISO, and discuss the implications for insurers.

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  • A Strategic Path to Growth in P&C – Pricing Precision Meets Rating Agility -

    Joint Webinar By Oracle and Earnix

    Insurance companies have always relied on a combination of actuarial costs and competitive information to set policy premiums. The next challenge is doing so at a faster pace and with increase precision to fulfill the potential of growth and profitability presented by the marketplace.

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  • The Future of Auto Insurance Distribution in the United States -

    The Future of Auto Insurance Distribution in the United States

    More than 60% of auto insurance policies in the UK are purchased online, but not from insurance carriers. In less than a decade, insurance aggregators have become the dominant distribution channel for auto insurance in the UK. As aggregators are starting to establish a foothold in the US, will the market here follow a similar pattern?

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  • Customer Analytics in Retail Banking -

    Broadcast live from the London Stock Exchange

    Customer analytics are revolutionizing the way banks develop products and build customer relationships, but it’s a tricky revolution to manage. The complexity of analytics projects and the growing volume, velocity and variety of data poses banks with important strategic questions. How can they best collect relevant data, turn that data into actionable insight, and use this insight to enhance key functions such as pricing and product development?

    This webinar brings together top analytics executives from leading banks to explore the next steps in optimizing customer analytics in retail banking.

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  • Harnessing Customer Demand for Better Pricing Decisions - Presented by Earnix and Dorman Consulting Associates

    How customers react to rate changes can make a big impact on the effectiveness of your pricing.

    Join us for a webinar with Earnix and Dorman Consulting Associates as we explore questions such as:

    • How can insurers effectively incorporate customer demand into their pricing?
    • Why can assumptions and rules of thumb hamper your financial results?
    • What tools can help Product and Pricing Managers make better pricing decisions?

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  • Untangling the Complexity of Multi-Entity Policy Pricing -

    Optimizing policy rates is a complex and challenging undertaking without the right tools.
    One source of complexity is the pricing of multi-entity policies, such as auto policies combining multiple cars, multiple drivers and multiple coverages.

    View this 30-minute on-demand webinar and find out how the latest innovations in pricing analytics empower insurers to untangle the complexity of multi-entity policies—optimizing pricing strategies better and faster than ever.

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    Price optimization is quickly becoming one of the key strategies and operational tools adopted by North American insurers to secure their competitive market positioning.

    View this webinar and find out what North American and other insurers can learn from the experiences gained by their European peers:

    • What were the successful paths to implementation of price optimization?
    • What resources are required to support a price optimization initiative?
    • What is the role and use of data within the pricing context?
    • How has price optimization evolved over the years and where is it headed?
    • How can the European experience be leveraged in the context of North American regulations?


    Nicolas Michellod, Senior Insurance Analyst, Celent

    Darren McCauley, Director of Personal Lines Pricing and Underwriting, Zurich Insurance Group

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  • Harness Customer Analytics to Optimize Banking Relationships:
    Price Optimization Takes Center Stage

    How can banks target consumers with the optimal mix of products at the right terms in order to maximize customer value, profits, and growth?

    Price optimization is quickly emerging as a vital strategy that allows leading banks to separate themselves from the crowd. In the past year, price optimization has gained significant market traction as banks in all continents moved forward with new solutions for optimizing loans, deposits, and credit cards relationships.

    In this webinar, CEB TowerGroup research director Frank Bria will review the global trends and technologies used by banks for pricing optimization. Earnix VP of Professional Services Reuven Schnaps will share real-life case studies and lessons learned from recent implementations of price optimization technologies across the globe, followed by a live Q&A session with the audience.


    Frank Bria, Research Director, Retail Banking & Cards, TowerGroup
    Reuven Shnaps, Ph.D., VP Professional Services, Earnix

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