• Auto Industry Update: Applying Advanced Analytics to Improve Profits Auto Industry Update: Applying Advanced Analytics to Improve Profits

    The reward for improved integration of customer analytics is great. Auto companies could maintain the same volume, while shaving up to $1,000 per vehicle off their investments in sales support. For a major US auto and finance company, improved integration of analytics could increase yield by as much as $2 billion annually.

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  • Creating a Customer-Centric Banking Model Creating a Customer-Centric Banking Model

    Putting the customer at the heart of service, products and pricing: creating the new model bank.
    Broadcast live from the London Trickbox TV Studio
    The demands of the price-savvy customer are rapidly increasing, meaning the banking industry must adapt fast in order to retain them. But what levels of transparency will be needed, and will the industry need to move to a fee based model in order to meet these demands?

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  • How Banks Transform Customer Data into Insights, Predictions, and Smarter Decisions Joint Webinar by CEB TowerGroup and Earnix

    The information age has increased the availability of data and reduced the cost to store it. But while almost no one is short of customer information, financial services providers are still in search of the most effective ways to transform data from multiple channels into actionable insight for customer engagement and decisioning..

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  • What’s New in Homeowners Insurance Ratemaking? Joint Webinar with ISO and Earnix

    The webinar provides a unique opportunity to delve into the recently released results of the 2014 ISO and Earnix joint industry study: Homeowners Insurance Ratemaking Approaches Survey.
    This survey was conducted to help insurance executives uncover best practices in ratemaking approaches used by North American insurance companies in their homeowners business. Survey responses were collected online from 99 insurance professionals representing companies that sell homeowners coverage in the United States and Canada.

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  • Driving customer-centricity through predictive analytics Broadcast live from the London Stock Exchange

    Analytics has become one of the main tools for driving customer-centricity and creating an increasingly valuable banking relationship. With customers using a variety of new channels, it is clear that banks have multiple opportunities to promote products and services to customers through tailored campaigns. Customers are expecting more from their banking experience.

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  • Creating an Insurance Predictive Analytics Portfolio Joint Webinar by Ovum and Earnix

    If the past four years are a reliable guide, complexity, and perhaps more than a minimal degree of uncertainty, could be waiting for the insurance industry in the coming years.

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  • Predictive Modeling as a Competitive Edge: Lessons from the ISO and Earnix 2013 Insurance Predictive Modeling Survey Joint Webinar by ISO and Earnix

    Get a behind the scenes look at how predictive modeling and analytics are being used throughout the P&C industry. We’ll review the highlights of a recent survey, which was conducted jointly by Earnix and ISO, and discuss the implications for insurers.

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  • A Strategic Path to Growth in P&C – Pricing Precision Meets Rating Agility

    Joint Webinar By Oracle and Earnix

    Insurance companies have always relied on a combination of actuarial costs and competitive information to set policy premiums. The next challenge is doing so at a faster pace and with increase precision to fulfill the potential of growth and profitability presented by the marketplace.

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  • The Future of Auto Insurance Distribution in the United States

    The Future of Auto Insurance Distribution in the United States

    More than 60% of auto insurance policies in the UK are purchased online, but not from insurance carriers. In less than a decade, insurance aggregators have become the dominant distribution channel for auto insurance in the UK. As aggregators are starting to establish a foothold in the US, will the market here follow a similar pattern?

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  • Customer Analytics in Retail Banking

    Broadcast live from the London Stock Exchange

    Customer analytics are revolutionizing the way banks develop products and build customer relationships, but it’s a tricky revolution to manage. The complexity of analytics projects and the growing volume, velocity and variety of data poses banks with important strategic questions. How can they best collect relevant data, turn that data into actionable insight, and use this insight to enhance key functions such as pricing and product development?

    This webinar brings together top analytics executives from leading banks to explore the next steps in optimizing customer analytics in retail banking.

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