Earnix in the Cloud


Utilizing the Earnix cloud solution, insurers and banks can quickly bypass any IT infrastructure limitations to instantly make the solution available to pricing teams across the organization.

Quick Deployment with Minimal IT Resources

With no servers to deploy in your data centers, your Earnix solution can be up and running in no time, even when your IT resources are maxed out with their day-to-day tasks.

Cost-effective Computing Power Scalability

Using the elastic cloud infrastructure, you only pay for the computing power you need, making more computing resources available as you expand the use of Earnix Optimizer.

On-demand Rollout and Instant Access to Pricing Analytics across Products, Territories, Departments

Rolling out the solution to additional users and departments becomes a matter of decision, as authorized users anywhere in the world can access Earnix Optimizer anytime directly from their workstations.

Closer Collaboration with Earnix and Partner Pricing Experts

Hosting your solution in the cloud allows the optimization experts from Earnix or the partner organization you are working with to easily access the system and lend a hand when needed.