Getting Started


Following a proven methodology, the Earnix team will work with your organization to ensure a successful implementation that will have lasting impact on your business. The Earnix team is available to assist as needed, from playing a supporting role to your team to providing complete implementation services for a turnkey solution.

The Earnix platform is open and easy to work with, so you can utilize both internal and third party resources for parts or even the entire implementation process. We partner with leading consulting and technology firms to offer additional support options for your organization.

Data Preparation

Working with your team, we will define the data required to support the demand analysis and price optimization functions within the Earnix solution.

Demand Modeling

Using the available data, we will help your team use the Earnix solution’s advanced analytical capabilities to establish the appropriate customer demand models and start optimizing your prices.

Deployment and Integration

Earnix can help you fine-tune your pricing strategies, set them up for your day-to-day use, and integrate the Earnix solution with your operational IT systems.


From here on, the power of the Earnix solution is in your hands. While the software is easy-to-use, we will train your staff and provide system documentation to ensure you maximize the value of the solution.

You Are in Control

Keeping the enormous complexity involved in the underlying computation well under the hood, the Earnix solution features a simple user interface that provides business users across the organization with unparalleled access to the power of optimization. Unlike black box optimization solutions, Earnix puts your actuaries and pricing managers in control of the parameters that drive pricing goals and strategies, eliminating long-term reliance on external resources.