Streamline Pricing Processes


  • How can insurers and banks institute a collaborative pricing process that translates analysis and optimization into actionable offers to customers?
  • How do they overcome the challenges of a distributed organization with silos of information?
  • How can you bypass the limitations of existing legacy systems to create a new collaborative process?

Earnix provides insurance and bank pricing teams with a centralized point of control over all the steps involved from the decision on a new pricing strategy to the availability of new prices in the field:

  • Developing  new pricing strategies 
  • Testing  new pricing configuration 
  • Deployment of the new prices to the production environment

The collaborative pricing platform streamlines the entire price lifecycle management, eliminating manual processes that require heavy involvement of an often time-strapped IT support team, and

enabling insurers and banks to increase business agility and accelerate the time-to-market of new products and prices.