The insurance market has never been faced with so many new technologies, bringing with it increased opportunities to leverage analytics in the industry. Yet, for many insurance professionals, keeping pace in this very dynamic market is challenging, which is why Earnix is staging its Xperts Analytics Hackathon in London at the end of February. The Xperts community, a user group comprised of insurance analysts, is focused on peer-to-peer learning that helps members get the best out of data and advanced analytics technologies.

Using the competitive format of a traditional coding hackathon, 20 teams – comprising over 70 pricing strategists and data analysts from 25 insurance companies – will participate in a day-long simulation using the Earnix Analytics Platform. Competing teams will learn how they can get the most out of the Earnix Integrated Pricing and Customer Analytics software, which combines predictive modeling and optimisation with real-time connectivity to core operational systems. The system is designed to bring the power of analytic-driven decisions to every customer interaction, a much sought after capability in today’s market focused on making customer centric decisions.

Throughout the day, participants will get hands-on exposure to some of the latest technologies available. For instance, they will learn about machine learning integration that allows users to achieve computation speeds and accuracy. They will be exposed to the new Earnix SDK (Software Development Kit) to automate complex processes. This saves time, money, and resources by scripting complex business processes once and then iterating and improving them over time. The Earnix professional service team will be available to guide participants and help them to make the most of the day and the learning experience.

The hackathon will also give each participant the ability to learn from their industry peers. Participants come from different European insurance companies and each team brings with them knowledge and insights on how they tackle analytical challenges. At the end of the day, after the prizes are awarded, the participants will analyse the results of the competition, honing in on best practices in the industry.

There will be many insights that will come from the Xperts Analytics Hackathon. These insights will be valuable to analysts that are using predictive analytics in the financial services industry. Be sure to sign up for the key take-aways and best practices that will come from the competition.