Earnix Predictive Analytics for Auto Financing Services

Predictive Analytics: The New Fuel for Auto Finance

Develop Competitive Prices to Meet Consumer and Dealer Needs While Managing Your Risk Exposure and Complying with Lending Regulations.

Despite years of record volumes and profits, the auto financing industry faces significant challenges, including unsustainable risk management practices in subprime segments and a historic number of off-lease vehicles hitting the market, putting pressure on used car prices. Independent and captive lenders must underwrite the right loans at the right price, one transaction at a time, through each dealership.

The Earnix Solution for Auto Finance

Given the industry’s highly competitive landscape and narrow profit margins, the use of advanced analytics to adjust pricing and terms for each loan is increasingly becoming a requirement for success.
Better predictive analytics not only allows lenders to mitigate threats around risk but also provides a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage and significant economic benefits.

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Solution Highlights

Insights from Better Analytics

With Earnix, lenders have insight into:
• Dealer and consumer response patterns to differing offers
• Optimal pricing to meet volume and profitability targets
• Ways to reduce credit risk within regulatory boundaries

Just Right Lending

Combining profitability, demand and customer metrics into a comprehensive analytical framework helps lenders manage trade-offs across origination volumes, market share, loss rates, margins and ROA/ROE.

Successful Leasing

How will your organization account for the surge in off-lease vehicles entering the market over the next few years? To prevent that from adversely affecting your leasing portfolio profitability you need to determine the right strategy for asset disposal.

Create Customer Advocates

Knowing the ideal price and terms to provide to customer segments creates loyal brand advocates that will endorse your brand over time.

Earnix in Action

Maximize Asset
Disposal Value

Analytically anticipate the price drop over time for each disposal channel based on historical data — including list and final sales prices by vehicle year, make and model, residual value, mileage, location, seasonality and other variables. Maximize the sales price and reduce selling and inventory costs via automated adjustment of the sales price at each stage of the process.

From Zero to Sixty:
Getting Started

The Earnix Platform can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, providing flexible options to meet immediate and future needs. Using the Earnix cloud option, you can instantly make the solution available across your organization and establish a unified analytical platform.

Industry Professionals

Earnix Professional Services supports banking customers at every stage of the implementation and deployment process. Our industry experts are available to instruct users on leveraging all the benefits of the platform. The Earnix support model is designed to provide as much or as little assistance as required.

Our Experts at Your Service

Earnix consulting teams are comprised of analytics experts and data scientists with deep domain experience in financial services. Our trusted advisors will work closely with you to define and develop models tailored to your specific needs and instruct you on leveraging all the benefits of the platform.

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Improving Results — What Customers Say

"Using Earnix Increased initial gross margin by 6-8 basis points and allowed us to reconstruct our rating structure which led to a 2X margin improvement, and reduced total pricing analytics cycle time by >80%.”
– Leading US Bank

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