Earnix Summit 2018 – Customer Centric Analytics and Innovation

It’s an exciting time of year here at Earnix, as we prepare for our seventh annual Earnix Summit. This year’s theme is all about customer centricity – and how analytics and emerging technologies are enabling innovation and transformation at some of the world’s largest financial institutions. We will be hearing from leaders at organizations like Google, Eurobank, USAA, MetLife, and Aviva – among many others. Delegates will join us from over 83 companies spanning 29 countries around the globe. The value of the Summit for these delegates comes through in the hands-on workshops, the learning and sharing of best practices, and the ability to network with colleagues at peer organizations. With both banking and insurance companies represented, the industry thought leadership that is delivered during the event is second to none.

Guest speakers at the Summit this year will be presenting on topics like managing digital transformation, customer centricity, managing the customer journey, removing friction from the customer experience, machine learning, and the use of analytics in unexpected places (like sports). While these sessions will be undoubtedly fantastic, what I’d like to provide a glimpse into today is what you will be hearing from Earnix at this year’s Summit. The main messages from Earnix can be grouped into three main categories: new product developments, emerging use cases, and innovative new partnerships.

New Product Developments. This year we have several sessions that focus on new product development. This includes two sessions by our VP of Product, Yaron Lavie, on new developments in our flagship product. He will be focusing on new features introduced over the past year, new integrations surrounding machine learning tools and technologies, and the concept of hybrid modeling. He will also discuss a new concept we are calling “Earnix Labs”. Members of his team will hold sessions that cover new personalization methods and will discuss how analytic personalization methods and techniques can be applied to traditional insurance and banking product offerings and delivery methods. During the Summit, product managers will demonstrate  Earnix insurance software, bank pricing software products and more, for those interested in taking a deeper dive.

Emerging Use Cases. Understanding how Earnix is used at global banks and insurers is perhaps one of the most valuable takeaways from the Summit. Attendees will have many opportunities to hear how Earnix is being used to tackle many pricing, risk, demand, and personalization challenges. During the first half of day one, Earnix Professional Services consultants will cover new and emerging use cases that are being tackled with Earnix solutions. These will include how to price across comparison sites, how to increase trust in analytically derived prices, how to use machine learning to infer competitive movement, and how to use personalization to deliver superior packages, policy bundles, and product offerings. This offers a great opportunity to apply knowledge from projects completed at organizations in one geography to other parts of the world.

Innovative New Partnerships. Since our Summit last year, Earnix has been working diligently on developing new partnerships that bring new levels of precision, insight, time to market, and an overall competitive edge to our customer base. We will have sessions at the Summit that focus on the high-level business value of our new partnerships as well as deep dive sessions into these partner integrations. I strongly encourage you to look for these sessions in the agenda and make them a priority to attend – as they will be very interesting and informative.

This is just a sneak peek into what will be happening at the Summit this year. If you are a customer or prospect of Earnix, or if you are just interested in emerging innovation surrounding analytics, the Earnix Summit is a great place to learn, connect, and network with Insurance and Banking leaders from around the globe. If you haven’t yet registered, feel free to register here. If you have already registered, we can’t wait to see you in just a few weeks’ time!