Earnix Summit: The Evolution Revolution in the Finance Industry

As new technologies enter the market, how can we, as leaders in financial services organizations, compete and do things smarter, faster and cheaper? During the 6th annual Earnix Analytics & Innovation Summit held in London, we saw firsthand how some of the best minds in the industry are putting advanced analytics and new technologies like machine learning into action. Through case studies and insights into emerging use cases, delegates learned best practices for integrating machine learning and pricing analytics into their financial services framework.

Below we have summarized a couple of the Summit presentations and have provided links to the full presentation videos that can be viewed on-demand.

When is Personalized Financial Services Too Personal?

How do you build a better relationship with your customer? When are personalized financial services too personal, and just creepy? Where does price fit into the equation of sales, loyalty and profitability? These and other questions were answered by Dr. Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures at BT. She has been studying this for decades and has extensive research that explains how consumer behavior and expectations are different for financial institutions than for other industries. She discussed the role predictive analytics can play, and how all of this relates to new regulations like GDPR. Watch Nicola share her extensive research and shed light on these topics:


Deep Dive into Deep Learning:

Everyone is talking about deep learning. But what is its true definition and how can it be applied in practice within financial services organizations. Watch Yaron Nefesh, Research Team Leader at Earnix discuss deep learning and how to use it to improve customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and profits:


Customer relationships in financial services

More about the Earnix Analytics and Innovation Summit:

The 2017 Earnix Analytics and Innovation Summit presented a unique opportunity to catch up on the latest trends in analytics for the financial services industry as well as to share insights and best practices with industry peers. Over an informative two days, +150 senior executives of leading insurance and banking organizations from across the globe took the opportunity to discuss the current challenges facing our industry. 27 industry trend-setters who are breaking new ground in analytics presented their latest thought leadership insights, discussing topics including innovation in predictive analytics, banking personalization, AI, machine learning, behavior based analytics and more. Delegates also participated in workshops, benefiting from peer-to-peer learning, sharing experiences in best practices using the Earnix banking solutions platform as well as engaging in one-on-one talks. To top off all the thought provoking content the Summit had to offer, delegates spent time relaxing with fellow delegates over drinks and sharing a fun LinkedIn analytical challenge that awarded the winner Bose noise cancelling headphones.


We look forward to seeing you all at our next Summit!


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