Earnix Version 8.9: The Three Most Exciting Improvements in 2018

We at Earnix have been busy improving the product for our user community, and the purpose of this blog is to share our most recent updates with you! While there are many new features and capabilities in the most recent release, Earnix version 8.9, I want to share the most exciting ones with you! Let’s look at each of these areas in more detail.

Analytical Improvements released in version 8.9 include:

Native Gradient Boosting Machines (GBM) model creation in Earnix. Earlier this year we introduced the Earnix Integrated Machine Learning™ capability. This gives the Earnix user the ability to integrate with external machine learning environments during model creation. This capability was designed for all levels of Earnix user – from those just beginning with machine learning, to our more advanced user community. Earnix takes this a step further in version 8.9, giving users the ability to create GBM models natively inside of Earnix. Being able to natively create machine learning models inside of Earnix results in improved analytical model accuracy, speed to market of needed changes, and overall pricing precision.

Integration with Data Robot, a Machine Learning Automation Leader. Earnix continues to add partner integrations to the solution, our latest being with DataRobot. Bringing models into the solution from DataRobot greatly expands the modeling range, flexibility, and variety available in the solution. Once DataRobot models are imported into the modeling stage, they are fully available for scoring and can be used in the Earnix modeling toolbox, in pricing exercises, or in the Earnix real time module. The ability to import DataRobot models translates to added flexibility for the pricing professional, a broader library of machine learning models to leverage, and minimal model rework inside of the Earnix solution.

Automation Improvements released in version 8.9 include:

Added JavaScript Functions in Earnix SDK Module. Over a dozen new JavaScript functions have been added to the Automation module of Earnix. A similar number of existing operations have been updated and improved. The JavaScript engine has been updated from Rhino to Nashorn as well, for improved performance and speed. Many Earnix users rely on the Automation module to automate and execute pricing processes, whether it’s updating pricing projects, refitting models, or creating project hierarchies and structures. Being able to save and reuse processes inside of Earnix – saves time, money, and resources.

These are just a few of the advancements we have made over the past few months – all to provide global financial institutions the power and flexibility they need in an analytical pricing software solution. We encourage you to contact us today or visit us at earnix.com  to find out more about our latest release and how it can improve the analytical work you are doing. Additionally, if you would like to learn more in person – and are interested in attending our Customer Centric Analytics and Innovation Summit, please register today at https://summit.earnix.com/.