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Auto lending: Leveraging data the 21st century way

Car prices are rising, regulatory forces are closing in on auto lenders, and the fintech solutions of the 21st century are here to replace legacy systems. Amidst this tumult, the specter of COVID-19 has created unprecedented uncertainty inRead More »

What If This Happens Again?

Imagine this – you managed to get your organization through the COVID-19 crisis, and life seems to be getting back to normal when the second wave of the pandemic delivers an even harsher blow to the economy. WhatRead More »

Blog: Analytics – Banking’s New Best Friend

We are a month and a half in, and COVID-19 keeps hammering in some fundamental truths about banking operations. It’s now clearer than ever, that the establishment of a fully analytical, highly digitized and automated organization is the logical next step for banks. We’ve known forRead More »

Blog: Reigning in the Chaos – The post corona era and how banks can thrive in it

To learn more on this topic you’re invited to watch our on-demand webinar – click here. “What’s just happened?” we have been asking ourselves since mid-March. The answer is straightforward, obvious, and somewhat disheartening. We are living through an event thatRead More »

Blog: COVID-19 Is a Game Changer – and the Game Starts Now

This is a warning. A call from me to you – from one insurance professional to the other. Do not let COVID-19 slow you down. You need to mobilize now. What is happening in the market? We allRead More »
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