As someone who has been living and breathing FinTech for the past decade in Israel’s blossoming FinTech industry – now considered to be among the world’s leading hubs for FinTech innovation – I have come to understand firsthand the challenges that face Israeli FinTech companies (and FinTech companies in general) and how it’s best to approach them in order to come out “on top”. 

For over 30 years I have held a variety of business management and product leadership roles in global SaaS and enterprise software companies, and have been a part of some exciting journeys that involved growing startups and software companies in dynamic markets.

For the past decade, I have served as CEO of Earnix, whose cloud-based software solutions allow businesses to scale their modeling and predictive power to enable faster and better product and pricing decisions. We offer solutions that empower actuaries and analysts to generate the most accurate and robust predictive models. I’m very proud of the fact that leading banks and insurance companies worldwide now rely on Earnix solutions to produce consistent and measurable improvements in customer loyalty, profitability, and growth in order to deliver greater value to customers and higher profits to shareholders, year after year.

At a recent Carmel Ventures FinTech Forum meetup titled “FinTech: Past, Present and Future” I presented my “Top 10” insights on what it takes to build a FinTech category-leading company. Thanks to the Viola Group for encouraging me to put pen to paper and as a result here they are again, for the benefit of anyone who wasn’t present at the meetup and is planning on growing a FinTech startup of their own:

What does it take to build a FinTech category-leader? See my top ten insights in my guest blog featured on the Viola Group blog site.