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The legal and finance teams are the backbone of our operation. We impact revenue and forecasts, and therefore our offers to our customers. We study the market to meet the regulatory requirements and navigate it with confidence. We know the demands and find our exceptional way to expand within the market’s limits.

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About our Legal & Finance team

Our legal & finance teams are comprised of innovators who master their craft. As we introduce additional products to the market and expand to new ones, we need to be courageous and conscious of the market we’re operating in. We’re looking for people with a broad perspective to deal with the complex systems and giant enterprises we’re helping with our exceptional solutions.




Why work with us?

Transform an Industry

We revolutionize the way insurers and banks provide personalized products, services, and experiences to customers. We are a global leader, fundamentally transforming an untapped market, pushing the boundaries of our industry.

Define Mission Critical

We apply AI and machine learning to create real-time mission-critical business impact. We are fascinated by what we can learn and build from data and insights to develop a smart predictive analytics engine to solve complex business challenges.

Love the Challenge

We are problem solvers, smart and analytical who are always looking to push ourselves to find the best solutions.
We excel by going deep, relying on facts, to make rational decisions and make an impact on industries and businesses.

Be Appreciated

We have a direct and informal approach to life and work. It enables us to be professional and human.
With seasoned and proven leadership and strong financial backing, your impact will be recognized by customers and peers.