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Auto lending: Leveraging data the 21st century way

Car prices are rising, regulatory forces are closing in on auto lenders, and the fintech solutions of the 21st century are here to replace legacy systems. Amidst this tumult, the specter of COVID-19 has created unprecedented uncertainty in auto markets worldwide, withRead More »

What If This Happens Again?

Imagine this – you managed to get your organization through the COVID-19 crisis, and life seems to be getting back to normal when the second wave of the pandemic delivers an even harsher blow to the economy. What have you done toRead More »

Blog: Analytics – Banking’s New Best Friend

We are a month and a half in, and COVID-19 keeps hammering in some fundamental truths about banking operations. It’s now clearer than ever, that the establishment of a fully analytical, highly digitized and automated organization is the logical next step for banks. We’ve known for a while that manual processesRead More »

Blog: Reigning in the Chaos – The post corona era and how banks can thrive in it

To learn more on this topic you’re invited to watch our on-demand webinar – click here. “What’s just happened?” we have been asking ourselves since mid-March. The answer is straightforward, obvious, and somewhat disheartening. We are living through an event that historians will be discussingRead More »

Blog: What to Expect: Fed Responds to Corona with Emergency Rate Cuts

The continued spread of COVID-19 has resulted in supply chain disruption, travel restrictions, and an overall chilling of markets all over the world. While the impact has been primarily limited to specific economic sectors such as the travel industry, we are nowRead More »

Blog: From Analytics-Driven Pricing to 3D Personalization

Earlier this year, Earnix proudly launched the Earnix 3D Personalization Suite™. I’d love to share my answers to the two questions I get asked most often: “The What  Suite?” and “What’s the big deal?”. “The What  Suite?” Our brochures call it aRead More »

Blog Update: Can Banks Disrupt the Digital Disruptors?

The year was 2008, and the global financial crisis was well underway. From that point on until today, banks have gone through tremendous turmoil. Competition has been heightened, mergers & acquisitions have significantly increased, interest rates have slumped and are still veryRead More »

Blog: Why Do Banks Need to Make the Shift Toward Personalization?

The customer shopping experience for banking products continues to evolve. As more sales go online and through aggregators, banks and their branch offices have considerably less influence over the buying decisions than they did in the past. The days of brand loyalty,Read More »

Blog: Real-Time Price Tuning to Fit Dynamic Markets

Real-Time Price Tuning to Fit Dynamic Markets Modern financial services markets are highly dynamic. Prices change often – due to seasonality, changes in competitor pricing and other marketplace variables. However, developing the best pricing strategy for insurance and banking products can takeRead More »

Blog: Earnix Summit 2018: Key Findings from the Frontlines

Our annual Summit held two weeks ago in London was one of the most successful Earnix events ever! Over two days, 28 presentations were delivered that included financial services industry innovations, best practices, and customer successes. While most of the presentations focusedRead More »
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