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The Earnix Blog is an insurance blog and a banking blog for financial industry professionals that share a passion for predictive analytics, machine learning, and pricing and product personalization.

Blog: Earnix Summit – The Evolution Revolution

As new technologies enter the market, how can we, as leaders in financial services organizations, compete and do things smarter, faster and cheaper? During the 6th annual Earnix Analytics & Innovation Summit held in London, we saw firsthand how some of theRead More »

Blog: Customer Experience and Machine Learning: Practical Applications

The notion of using analytics to improve customer experience has changed the landscape and thought process of businesses over the past several years. As machine learning becomes further democratized, or more pervasively available, it is making its way into many enterprise softwareRead More »

Blog: Open Banking: A Platform for Personalization

The Open Banking agenda ushered in by the European Commission’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) comes at a time when the customer relationship has never been more fragile. In our first blog, we discussed what the PSD2 directive is and how analyticsRead More »

Blog: Telematics: Transforming the Old World of Insurance Underwriting with New Data

A data-connected automobile generates some 25 gigabytes of data every hour. That’s equal to about a dozen HD movies and more than the storage capacity of most smartphones. We know what the car is telling the network–everything from route, speed and evenRead More »

Blog: Personalized Customer Analytics: The Key to the Future

As the Chief Analytics Officer for Earnix, a Tel Aviv-based provider of advanced analytics solutions for the financial services industry, I am focused on how financial services companies can use data and analytics to figure out what their customers really want andRead More »

Blog: Is Machine Learning a Threat to the Actuarial Profession?

Man vs. Machine: 10 years ago, I would never have guessed that I would be writing about this topic with such serious concern. Yet, some people are predicting that machine learning technology will produce a jobless future for certain professions, including actuaries.Read More »

Blog: Conversion & Retention Modeling Done Right: The Four Keys to Success

These days, many industries are spending millions of dollars in research to achieve their customer-centric goals. The insurance industry is no different. Insurers are continually raising the analytical bar to gain a better understanding of their customers. Being able to accurately predictRead More »

Blog: A Solid Analytical Solution: Operational Excellence

Over the last month or so, I have read numerous blogs that deal with forward-looking trends for 2017. While each blog has its angle, one cannot miss the huge role being placed on data analysis and analytics. As such, at the endRead More »

Blog: A Solid Analytical Solution: What Matters Most?

Insurers and financial services organizations are constantly looking at how best to put predictive and prescriptive analytics to use inside of their organizations. In this day and age of so many different flavors and varieties of analytical platforms, it can be challengingRead More »

Blog: Two Crucial Tips For Becoming A Customer-Centric Insurer

I have been talking about the customer-centric insurer for a long time now. In my previous blog, I discussed what being a truly customer-centric organization really means. To succeed in today’s insurance industry, it’s imperative to know and understand what the customerRead More »
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