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A View From a Visionary: A New Look For Insurance

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“Intelligent InsurOps is a great way to think about how software and data can improve insurance. With it, you can become the insurance company of tomorrow…TODAY.” 

In his opening keynote, Udi Ziv, CEO of Earnix, brings his perspective from 30 years as a CEO, entrepreneur, and senior executive in the financial services and technology sectors to painting a vision of how to capitalize on the whirlwind of change the insurance industry is undergoing.  

Udi describes the changes rocking the insurance industry as a “perfect storm”, buffeted by historic, simultaneous forces of inflation, global supply chain issues, climate change, skyrocketing consumer expectations, increasing regulatory pressures, new workforce dynamics, and hungry competitors. 

Navigating this perfect storm will require leveraging and augmenting existing IT infrastructure to produce solutions that are intelligent, dynamic, and composable, resulting in Intelligent Insurance Operations, or Intelligent InsurOps.  

Udi also takes this opportunity to announce the latest addition to the Earnix product line, Earnix Underwrite-It and a groundbreaking partnership with a fellow industry leader, Guidewire.  

Guide your own strategic vision and weather that Perfect Storm by watching Udi’s full session.


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