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Earnix Innovation: Embedding Telematics to Superpower Pricing and Personalization

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“This is the true value of personalization – help customers understand the risk they are exposed to and help them reduce it!” 

Telematics has powered usage-based insurance (UBI) since the mid-1990’s in some geographies. All-encompassing and highly-connected vehicle telematics is now ready to superpower pricing and personalization to make even more enticing offers to prospects and customers.  

In her presentation, Sharona Sagi explains that Vehicle Telematics combines telecommunications, informatics, computer science, electrical engineering, and vehicle technologies to improve the safety and efficiency of the overall driver experience. The richness of the customer experience (CX) can serve every prospect and customer from the price-only decision-makers to those seeking peace of mind, speedier claims processing, and the personal engagement that will encourage safer driving. 

Sharona’s mission at Earnix is to find ways for telematics data to transform Intelligent InsurOps. She has over 20 years of experience in product management in various companies of all sizes and across multiple industries. 

Let Sharona help guide your telematics strategy to the next level, whatever your starting point, by accessing her full presentation.

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