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Innovation Roadmap for the Insurance Industry

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“What is Intelligent InsurOps? It’s an evolving ecosystem of composable intelligent solutions transforming how insurance companies are run, unlocking value across all facets of the business, connecting with customers, and breaking away from the status quo.” 


Let’s face it – no one in the insurance industry gets to start with an IT infrastructure “clean sheet of paper”. In the quest to make the go-forward infrastructure intelligent, dynamic, and composable, how does one get from Point A to Point B? And is there actually a Point B, or have we all embarked on a journey with no end? 

Yaron Lavie is Earnix’s Vice President of Products. Building on many years of experience in delivering and defining advanced solutions for financial institutions worldwide, he leads the Earnix global product management team, responsible for product strategy, roadmap, and definition. 

Yaron takes us through a tour of the entire Earnix Intelligent InsurOps solution, encompassing Pricing, Rating, Personalization, Telematics, and now, Underwriting, all sitting on a solid foundation that provides Full Integration and Operationalization: Intelligence, Governance and Automation. 

He also covers the present and future of the exciting collaboration with Guidewire and their solutions Policy Center and APD. 

Per Yaron, there are three forces driving Earnix’s analytics innovation strategy: 

  • A changing environment that requires both business decision-makers and analytical teams to be much more agile 

  • Growth in the adoption of ML and AI – while recognizing the value of traditional statistical techniques 

  • New talent with changing skills and different expectations 


Put it all together, and it’s a combination available nowhere else in the world of insurance technology. To find out what this all means for Earnix’s solution future, watch the full video of Yaron’s presentation.

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