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“The benefits of implementing a pricing and rating solution like Earnix is to give the pricing analyst full control over the end–to-end process from analysis all the way to implementation.”

At the Earnix Excelerate Summit, we had a chance to talk to Steven Caluori, AVP of Pricing, Co-operators. He talked about his experience implementing Earnix pricing and rating solutions but also offered a few recommendations for any insurer looking to implement a new solution.

He also described how important it is to eliminate manual processes (where most errors occur) and how pricing and rating solutions can accelerate an insurers’ speed to market. “The faster we can convert a pricing plan to the  market, the faster we can gain the benefits as reflected on our bottom line.”

Caluori also offered his opinion on important considerations when thinking about pricing and rating, such as making the right business case for change, Co-operators’ most important factor for changing past processes, and how internal teams can build excitement and support for business transformation within the organization. 

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