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Fuel dynamic UBI programs with the
next-generation of mobile-centric telematics

“Usage-based insurance (UBI) and insurance telematics are changing the expectations of the insurance industry, with customer demands for UBI anticipated to grow over 140 million subscribers globally by 2023”

Telematics market - growth, trends, Covid-19 impact, and forecasts (2021 - 2026), ​ Mordor Intelligence, 2020

Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) is at the cusp of advancing from a niche offering to mainstream, yet many insurers still struggle to create profitable UBI offerings and are unable to provide highly personalized products. Most insurers still don’t have an effective way to operationalize telematics data and unlock the true value of their UBI programs. 

The UBI revolution starts with intelligent telematics​

With Earnix Drive-It, insurers can now score and segment drivers by their individual risk—critical to improving the success of UBI programs.​

The Earnix Drive-It app collects data related to braking, acceleration, distraction, speed, cornering, and other real driving events. It uses machine learning models based on more than five billion miles of actual driving data to generate the industry’s most sophisticated predictive risk scoring algorithms. ​

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Profitable UBI, powered by best-in-class telematics​

The Drive-It app is seamlessly integrated with the Earnix UBI solution to help you unlock the value of your UBI program. Available as a comprehensive solution, Earnix’s UBI solution also includes state-of-the-art pricing, simulation to determine demand and profitability, rating, filing, automation, deployment, and billing. All of these advantages add up where it matters most: top-line revenue and bottom-line profits.​

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Solution Highlights

Personalized, Contextualized UBI Offerings 

Increase lifetime value by offering the right offers at the right time. Using advanced analytics, AI, and ML and other innovations, you can offer each policyholder personalized policy packages and relevant add-ons that fit their needs, when they need it. ​

Embedded Risk Management​

Detect distracted driving to mitigate risk and decrease claims expenses by communicating risky behavior to drivers.​

Efficient Claims Handling​

Reduce expenses and improve policyholder satisfaction with streamlined processes from high-accuracy crash detection and FNOL to accident reconstruction. ​

Key Features​

Best-in-Class Consumer Telematics App​

Drive-It provides a hassle-free policyholder experience. The app automatically detects when a trip starts and stops and has exceptionally low battery usage.

Cutting-edge Sensor Fusion

Drive-It leverages smartphone sensors to capture driving risk data and detect car crashes in real-time, with high consistency and quality.

Machine Learning​

Built on billions of miles of driving data, machine learning helps to provide high consistency and quality of trip data capture including the ability to identify driver vs passenger trips and differentiate public transit modes including trains, buses and rideshare.