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A Glimpse at New Innovations

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“Pricing and rating solutions now give insurers the ability to transform how pricing is delivered while also building transparency and confidence in those models and continuously innovate in the future.”

During the recent Earnix Excelerate Summit, Jack Whalley, Director of Insurance Strategy and Operations Transformation at Deloitte, had the chance to offer his insights about the insurance industry.

More specifically, he talked about technology, such as pricing and rating solutions, and how it can overcome past limitations and deliver real business value.

In this video, he also describes how technology can help insurers react to high inflation around the globe. “Most insurers don’t have the resources needed to support the internal operations to respond to inflation. Yet having an innovative, market-leading solution helps attract the right talent to come work on exciting problem areas such as inflation.”

Whalley also talks about the increased use of telematics and how it is being used in new ways to understand how consumers’ driving behaviors affect carbon emissions.

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