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Achieving Growth & Profitability: How to Extend Insurance Products and Move to a Pure Digital and Data Driven Approach

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“Earnix enables us to make fast pricing changes – within minutes. We can A/B test to get the best results, optimize conversions and average premiums, and make more accurate estimations of claims data, demand data, and behaviour data.” 

Marcel Kluge is the Head of Product Management at BavariaDirekt Insurance. Together with his Actuaries and Product Managers, he is responsible for innovating and creating products that customers want, in a profitable way for the company. This triumvirate is constantly working to expand the BavariaDirekt product portfolio, and relies heavily on Earnix as its all-in-one solution for meeting their objectives. 

Marcel relates how Earnix forms the backbone of their product monitoring and development strategy

  • Monitoring – database connections, daily monitoring of KPIs, automation of all steps 

  • Creating New Models 

  • Tariff Advancement – risk, demand, conversion and market models.  

  • Simulation with internal and market data 

  • Tariff Go-Live, with the click of a mouse 


With this automation process firmly in place, the go-live process can be completed in minutes, giving BavariaDirekt a clear advantage over their slower competitors. 

See and hear in more detail the evolution of the Earnix solution at BavariaDirekt and the quantified outcomes, in terms of increased revenue and conversions.

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