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Panel Discussion: Global Perspective on Insurance Trends

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“As a consumer, I want transparency. I want to build trust with insurers. I want to see they're doing the right thing for me and my community at the same time as I need to save costs as an individual. I'm looking for the lowest possible coverage.” 

How difficult can that be, right? 

This high-powered group of insurance industry leaders engages in a wide-ranging discussion of the current state of affairs in the global insurance industry and where they see it going next. The participants, who have designed and implemented myriad solutions, including Earnix and Guidewire, for clients around the world, touch on everything from rating and pricing to underwriting, inflation, the state of labor markets, and the ins and outs of technology implementation and change management. 

Just some of the topics they discuss: 

  • How do you adjust your policies in a hyperinflationary market and still remain competitive? 

  • Where can we find data and analytics professionals in a highly competitive labor market? Can someone from retail, for example, successfully apply the same skills to a different vertical like insurance? 

  • How do you compress time to market for new pricing initiatives? 

  • What technology is required for faster claims processing? 

  • What havoc will climate change and other environment factors wreak for carriers? 

  • How much attention do customers pay to insurers’ ESG stances? 

  • How do insurers adopt the agile practices that will drive improved customer experience (CX) in pricing, policy administration, personalization, and claims handling? 


It’s impossible for us to outline everything this group opens up about, so be sure to see the entire session by watching the industry’s most knowledgeable practitioners, in this recording. 

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