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Revitalizing Mexico's Traditional Industry: Overcoming the Challenges

  • Transformation
  • Customer Centricity

"The market needs to cater to different customers who prefer different approaches, including new forms of relationships."

In this session, Ava Carolina discusses the Mexican insurance industry, which is under pressure to both increase profits and penetrate new markets.

She also shares insights into the Earnix Solution experience at Seguros Banorte, showcasing how it enabled them to:

  • Improved Pricing Strategy: Became more dynamic and agile

  • Enhanced Customer Premiums: Considered additional variables beyond credit score

  • Competitive Edge: competing effectively with other Mexican insurers

  • Positive Impact: Boosted both customer satisfaction & profitability

Watch this session to understand how you can elevate your business, move away from a business-as-usual approach, and focus more on innovation.

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