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“[Being on the McLaren team] gave me a privileged position to be immersed in an elite sport, in an elite environment, surrounded by elite individuals in every single area of what we do, and that has the effect of rubbing off on you. It has the effect of changing how you think about every single challenge that comes your way in life, and that's what's happened to me.” 

There are few better examples of the need for precision coordination than a Formula One (F1) racing machine and the team that builds and maintains it.  

Marc Priestley is McLaren F1's former Number One Mechanic. Drawing on his experiences with the World Championship-winning pit crew, he provides valuable insights for insurers on the power of teamwork, strategic planning, attention to detail, and constant communication.  

A single-minded focus took Marc from apprentice mechanic with a small racing team in North London through the ranks all the way to Formula One - the pinnacle of motor sport - in 2000. For ten years, Marc was part of McLaren's legendary pit crew and served as their Number One Mechanic, working alongside drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, and Kimi Raikkönnen. His career with McLaren culminated in helping Lewis Hamilton become World Champion in 2008.  

As an insurance leader, you can certainly learn a good deal about how to build and tune your own offerings and an elite team for maximum effectiveness, and this inspiring discussion will help put you in pole position. Experience Marc’s entire presentation. 

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