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Navigating a Perfect Storm: Unrest, Floods and an Energy Crisis

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“South African insurers have faced the challenges of Covid-19, riots in 2021, floods in 2022 and more. Despite this, insurers adapt, innovate and show up when it matters.”

In this session, Elmarie van Zyl-Kotze, Head of Personal Lines Pricing, Hollard Insurance, delves into how South Africa has encountered its fair share of challenges in recent years—with the end to these challenges not yet quite within sight. While the South African insurance industry was still grappling with handling COVID-19 claims, the July 2021 riots added another layer of complexity. This was followed by:

  • The disastrous floods in KwaZulu-Natal in April 2022

  • Inflationary pressures

  • A crippling energy crisis

  • Failing infrastructure

  • Just to name a few...     

This presentation focuses on the role of the insurance industry in this environment and how insurers are managing these changing and complex times. Watch it now.

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