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Principled Execution: Maintaining Customer Loyalty and Profitable Growth During Times of Change

  • Customer Centricity
  • Analytics

“We rely on data and analytics and our culture of customer centricity to guide us through change at USAA”

In this session, David Cummings, SVP, Chief Actuary & Head of Analytics, USAA, delves into how USAA experienced the changes and disruptions that the insurance market went through, including how they dealt with these changes and how they translated into decisions.

His key takeaways:

  • The past 4 years brought unprecedented changes in US General Insurance, with varying responses across the industry

  • Principled customer-centric business decisions sustain customer loyalty/retention

  • Maintaining resiliency and responsiveness requires investments in technology, data, and analytics

Watch this insightful session to get inspired and learn about USAA’s keys to success in times of chaos.

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