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Putting the Power of AI in the Hands of Business Professionals

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“Getting the business engaged early on and across the entire cycle is key.” 

Business leaders in the insurance industry are faced with two challenges in optimizing revenue and profitability in the digital age: the demands from customers and prospects for more personalization; and, the massive amounts of data available and required to make that work. 

5 key elements are cited for putting the power of AI in the hands of business professionals: 

  • Establishing Trust 

  • Providing Meaningful Insights 

  • Aiding Better Decisioning 

  • Conducting Continuous Monitoring 

  • Building and Maintaining Analytical Proficiency 

As Earnix’s Chief Analytics Officer, Dr. Shnaps certainly embodies these points. Prior to Earnix, he worked in the economic and statistical consulting group at Deloitte, serving corporate clients across multiple industries. His portfolio at Earnix includes overseeing Earnix product roadmap management and direction of the company’s analytics strategy, as well as research and delivery for Earnix customers worldwide. 

Whether you’re a business leader who wants to be more involved with AI, or on an analytics team looking to bring business people into the fold, watch Reuven’s complete presentation and gain insight from his vast experience.

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