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Earnix Delivers a Valuable Speed Advantage to INSHUR

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“Implementing Earnix Price-It has helped us significantly reduce the time it takes to make a pricing change, analyze it, and implement it. It used to take a month or even longer but with Earnix, we can do it within 24 hours.”

At the Earnix Excelerate Summit, we interviewed Milan Chavda, Director of Pricing and Analytics at INSHUR to learn more about his company’s implementation and use of the Earnix Price-It solution.

In the past, INSHUR couldn’t get price updates out as quickly as they would have liked–usually taking a month or longer. Yet with Earnix, INSHUR can now implement a new pricing change within 24 hours

Watch the video now for more insights, including INSHUR’s implementation process, how they’re using Earnix to simulate changes to better analyze their total portfolio and even how they plan to use Earnix in the future.

Interested in learning more? Watch the video now


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