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Earnix Innovation: Driving Insurance Add-on Sales via Product Personalization

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“Millennials and Gen Z will soon outpace baby boomers as the industry’s top customers, as long as insurance companies and agents can prove themselves valuable to younger generations.” 

Eyal Levi, Head of Professional Services, EMEA & International for Earnix, brings his vast experience in designing, managing and delivering Earnix implementation projects for a wide variety of global insurers, and his previous success at Dun & Bradstreet in the United States as a Director of Business Analytics, to this all-important phase of the customer journey. 

Your management team’s seemingly simple “ask”, to increase add-on sales, starts the ball rolling. But, simplicity quickly evaporates when the team realizes that the current customer journey isn’t optimal, that there are potentially dozens to hundreds of potential offer combinations, new customer types constantly enter the mix, and “turf battles”, conflicting objectives, and differing KPIs between departments soon arise. 

With his experience in making these projects work, Eyal imparts his wisdom around such critical areas as using personalization as the “glue” to make the customer experience (CX) more compelling. His proof point is a case study of one home insurer who increased the average number of add-ons per policy by 70%, with an increase in margin of 15%.  

See and hear more by accessing the full session, and get started on increasing your add-on sales.

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