Earnix Pricing Accelerator: A Powerful Pricing Management Workflow with Simulation Capabilities.

Turn Pricing Analytics Into Actionable Insights Across All Pricing Workflows

Lenders around the world look to AI-powered pricing analytics to handle market volatility and respond to competitive shifts. However, using complex data analytics tools may sound overwhelming to many business and pricing managers. There is an easier way to analyze your pricing strategies and make data-driven decisions.

No Extensive Analytical Knowledge Required - Simple User Interface

With Earnix Pricing Accelerator pricing committees, product and business managers can:

- Run scenario-based simulations

- Perform visual analysis of pricing strategies

- Report on past and current pricing strategy's performance

- Make data-driven decisions in real time

Get the Full Picture of Your Pricing Strategies. Empower Informed Decisions.

Pricing Accelerator leverages the powerful analytical capabilities of the Earnix Price-It™ platform and provides pricing and business mangers a user-friendly pricing management workflow that makes use of underlying data and models.

Visual Dashboards and Reporting

Pricing managers and pricing committees often struggle to track the performance of their pricing strategies, making it hard to determine which strategies are working and which are not. The visual dashboards and table reporting capabilities of Pricing Accelerator help them monitor the performance of their executed pricing strategies in a single view.

Dynamic Scenario Simulation

Without the ability to run what-if analysis of pricing strategies, pricing managers may be unable to determine the best course of action to take. Dynamic simulation capabilities, based on predictive analytics, allow the pricing manager to run simulations on different pricing scenarios, providing a clear understanding of how the strategies are likely to perform - all without the need to extract data from your legacy tools.

Direct Access to Data and Analytics

When data and models are not easily accessible, it can be challenging for pricing managers to make informed decisions. Pricing Accelerator is directly connected to Earnix Price-it data and analytics, enabling pricing mangers to use advanced analytics in exploring various pricing strategies and their potential impact on their business without the need for extensive analytical knowledge.

Pre-Built Templates and Reports

Creating new pricing strategies from scratch can be a time-consuming process, especially when dealing with multiple data sets. The reusable templates and out-of-the-box user flows for creating different pricing scenarios, performing data analysis and building summary reports allow the pricing manager to easily create new pricing strategies and share them with the pricing committee, saving time and reducing errors.

Discover Earnix

Price-It offers a single-platform solution with price modeling, optimization, automation, and deployment capabilities. Price-It allow lenders to bring personalized and innovative products to market faster while ensuring strong governance and regulatory compliance.

Pricing Accelerator - a new simulation and reporting module with a simple UI - is designed to complement the Price-It solution by simplifying complex data and analytics and turning them into easy-to-understand, actionable insights.

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The Power of Earnix Price-It™ with Pricing Accelerator Module

Pricing Accelerator eliminates the need for extensive analytical resources, catering to a variety of business users across the pricing committees. With Pricing Accelerator you will be making data-driven decisions in real-time!

About Earnix

Earnix is a global provider of real-time, AI-driven dynamic pricing, product personalization, and digital decisioning solutions for financial services industry including consumer lending, auto finance, mortgages, and more. Our agile pricing engine makes personalized offers a reality, shortening time to value and closing the business before competition can react.