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Earnix CEO, Udi Ziv has been Featured as one of 100 Israeli Tech Leaders You Need to Know

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March 15, 2022

Eye on Israeli Tech: Israel: From “Start-up Nation” to “Scale-Up Nation”

Earnix CEO Udi Ziv has been featured as one of 100 Israeli Tech Leaders You Need to Know in The Trust at The Wall Street Journal's ongoing Eye on Israeli Tech series. The Israeli tech sector is booming, with Israeli tech firms raising more than $25 billion last year--up 136% from the previous year and nearly twice the growth rate of U.S. tech firms. Israel now has more unicorns--private companies valued at over $1 billion--than all of Europe as well as several "decacorns" valued at $10 billion or more. The country's success has been attributed to its high-tech, high-stakes, highly collaborative military; cutting-edge educational systems; systemic government support for innovation; thriving tech ecosystem, and above all its people. With more than 30 years of experience as an executive leader and entrepreneur in the enterprise software space, Udi's experience and desire to support the revolution faced by two of the largest and oldest industries–insurance and banking–fuels his strategic priorities. Accelerating Earnix's rapid growth, he has cemented the company as the leading provider of mission-critical systems for global insurers and banks, expanded its total addressable market, and scaled its business operations to establish a strong international presence. Udi drove the company’s latest funding round that established Earnix’s unicorn status and executed the company’s first-ever acquisition. Under his leadership, Earnix nearly doubled its workforce, secured signature deals with prominent global companies, and achieved an impressive Net Promoter Score of 71%, all during the last year.  The Trust at The Wall Street Journal shared "as our list of '100 Israeli Tech Leaders You Need to Know' demonstrates, Israeli entrepreneurs have long been moving seamlessly from large corporations to start-ups. Now they're turning those start-ups into major players themselves, disrupting fields in almost every industry. Israel is still a small country, but it's making an increasingly big impact on a global stage.
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