It will please some of you to know that as this year’s Earnix Pricing and Innovation Summit MC, I got to enjoy the Summit from a totally different perspective. Because as much as the audience is watching the speaker, the speakers are watching the audience. And from up on stage, I saw a room of over 160 financial leaders that were engaged, inspired and even challenged to think differently about Big Data and Analytics, IT advances, financial resource management and much more.

This year’s Summit featured 20 renowned speakers from various financial services companies such as Danske Bank, Yapi Kredi, Axis Bank, Zurich Insurance, Generali Insurance and Liberty Poland. The Summit once again offered distinct banking and insurance tracks, in addition to the Earnix Best Practices Sessions that included, for the first time, Round Table sessions with Earnix Professional Services Consultants. With the Summit mobile App at delegate’s fingertips, delegates were also able to engage with speakers in live polls throughout the sessions, providing on-site data into pre-determined presentations.

A large part of the inspiration at the Summit came from our keynote speakers; some of whom are disrupters in their perspective markets, while others are advanced thinkers bringing value through innovative ideas. These speakers included:

  • Francis Nicolas Weng Kan, Chief Executive Officer, Google Compare
  • Uri Levine, Founder of Waze (acquired by Google) and Founder of FeeX
  • Stan Phelps, President American Marketing Association, Author & Customer Experience Architect
  • Professor Eric T. Bradlow, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

From speaking with delegates after these sessions, I know that delegates were charged to approach their business problems in different ways. But if I could sum up the “hottest” topics that caused the most discussion at this year’s Summit it would be the following:

  • Data innovation – the ‘hay stack’ just got bigger with Big Data, making the ‘needle’ harder to find. A great deal of debate at the Summit evolved around the acquisition and use of big data vs. the better capture and use of internal customer interaction data. Pros and cons of the effort involved in acquiring and capturing data, as well as the optimal investment spend on customer analytics were discussed at length.
  • Disruption – Fintech startups are challenging the financial industry by proposing alternative user experiences, services and business models. The changes in these traditional industries are thought by many as a matter of when and how, rather than a matter of if. Financial institutions have the most to lose and need to hedge using technology and possibly venture investment.
  • Digitalization – Consumer behaviors and expectations are changing with the advent of the digital age. Looking beyond mobile applications, the bigger picture indicates changes coming in every step in the business value chain, user experience and product offerings.

Delegates have praised the event for its content, networking opportunities and the entertainment that was weaved throughout. A big thanks to our distinguished speakers that made our program this year so rich.

Looking forward to seeing you at the 2016 Earnix Pricing and Innovation Summit!

Aviv Cohen