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Innovate to Face the Small Commercial Market Head-on.

Small Commercial insurers have been following innovation in personal lines for several years. Now with the replacement of legacy systems and the movement towards digitalization, there is a growing recognition by small commercial carriers of the need to advance their utilization of analytics and newer statistical techniques to stay competitive.

The Earnix Solution for Small Commercial

Earnix empowers insurers to analyze small business customer attributes in order to more clearly understand portfolio mix and overall profitability. The Earnix Insurance solution suite enables users to design more sophisticated prices in order to appeal to a broader segment of small business owners.

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Solution Highlights

Enhance Customer Segmentation

As the small commercial market evolves and new data sources become available, there is an opportunity to increase the number of customer attributes used in evaluating risk and for underwriting and pricing. Earnix can help you find those new segmentation schemes and to understand the benefit of incorporating them into your pricing strategy.

Know the Impacts of Multi-Product Pricing

Many customers look to your company for all of their insurance needs, not just for a single line of business. Earnix enables you to understand the customer view across all of your products. Since customer decisions are not made in a vacuum, rate impacts of one product may impact others, like BOP, Auto, and Workers Comp, as they may be purchased together. With the Earnix solution, you can dynamically price multiple products at the same time understanding cross price effects and measuring rate impact across the entire portfolio of products.

Use Prescriptive Analytics

Earnix enables you to have a holistic view of your portfolio, combining predictive models across various dimensions, to provide confidence that your selected rating strategy will achieve your desired business goals.

Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Earnix enables a dynamic calculation of customer lifetime value, taking into consideration all the cost, market and competitive changes that contribute to a policy’s lifetime value – in order to help carriers craft the right offer to increase customer retention and profitability.

Simulate and Share Results Across the Business

A highly intuitive user interface gives all personas a single point of access to the results that move the business forward. Executives receive the information and reports they need while analysts can quickly build models and forecast changes.

Earnix in Action

Interface via Open APIs

Open advanced programming interfaces allow you to import data easily from core, policy or proprietary systems and export results to channel or presentation systems.

Easy Deployment

Earnix is enterprise-grade software that can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, providing flexible options to meet immediate and future needs. Using the Earnix cloud option, you can instantly make the solution available across your organization and establish a unified analytical process.

Industry Professionals

Earnix Professional Services supports small commercial insurance customers at every stage of the implementation and deployment process. Our world-class industry experts are available to guide users to extract the maximum value from the platform. Our financial services experience ensures that we understand the data and analytical processes that translate to growth.

Our Experts at your Service

Earnix Professional Services supports small commercial insurance companies at every stage of the implementation and deployment process. Our industry experts are available to instruct users on leveraging all the benefits of the platform. The Earnix support model is designed to provide as much or as little assistance as required. At the end of the process, you will have the know-how and the analytical tools to make data-driven, optimized decisions.

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Improving Results — What Customers Say

“Within the first year, the Earnix for Insurance Suite improved profit by over 3% of Gross Written Premium while maintaining retention levels.”
– Large Direct Broker

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