ITC Vegas: Earnix is coming to Las Vegas!

Earnix is proud to announce that we are a title sponsor at ITC Vegas in November, where we will be in full force at the world's largest insurance event.

Schedule time for either a live demo or a consultation with our experts.

November 1-2, 2023
Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Expo Hall: Booth #3039

Meet us at our booth to:

  • Gain a behind the scenes view of Earnix through a 1:1 demo with representatives from our product team

  • Discover how Intelligent InsurOps is changing the way insurers operate

  • Hear first-hand how Earnix is helping global insurers Reimagine Insurance

  • And lots of surprises (that you don’t want to miss out on!)

Attending a major trade show is a busy time and we want to make sure you have a chance to hit all of the best sessions and connect with the business leaders that can best help you.

We'd love the opportunity to meet and learn more about your needs and priorities, whether in-person during the conference or afterwards. Please fill out the form and we'll coordinate a session with one of our industry experts.

Let's meet at ITC

Meet the Experts

Kyle Berry

With over two decades of accomplishment, Kyle has been instrumental in aiding insurance companies to attain the essential technological modernization necessary to remain competitive within the constantly evolving landscape of the industry.

Christopher Quinn

Chris is an accomplished, energetic and results-driven insurance technology expert with more than 30 years of success helping insurers achieve the digital transformation required to stay competitive in today's new (and ever changing) insurance landscape.

Alex Van Gorden

Alex has dedicated 25 years to the insurance software market with a clear focus on helping insurers to achieve their goals and modernize their tech stack. His experience includes the core systems space, with companies like Duck Creek and Guidewire, as well as the modeling, pricing, rating, and U/W space, with companies like WTW and Earnix.

Glenn Elliott

Glenn has been engaged with Canadian insurance carrier for the last 25 years, providing innovative and personalized products offerings. With Earnix, carriers can re-rate within a few days, adding the latest AI/ML models, and enable business to test and implement rates with full governance. 

Attend a Live Demo

Drew Lawyer, head of solutions engineering at Earnix, is hosting three live demos at our booth on November 1. Pre-register for a demo to learn how Earnix can seamlessly go from rerating a complete book of business with a new rating algorithm to deploying the rates into an online production environment with speed, precision, and robust governance. We'll also show how customers using Guidewire can accelerate implementation of Earnix via the Guidewire Accelerator.

Add the live demos to your calendar

Meet Drew

Drew Lawyer is the global director of solutions engineering where he leads the teams accountable for designing technology solutions, analytical solutions, and business consultation. He has successfully delivered pricing, analytical, and technology implementation projects at many of the largest insurers globally. Drew is well-versed in the fields of Advanced Analytics, Risk Modeling, Automation, and Pricing Process Efficiency.