Loan Pricing Optimization and Decisioning Engine

What is Loan Pricing Optimization and How Can You Benefit?

Are you using manual revisions of pricing tables? Not able to deploy price updates as often as you need? Unsure if you are making the optimal decisions? If any of this sounds familiar, you are in need of a pricing operation revamp.

Discover AI-backed analytics, pricing optimization and decisioning engine. Increase profitability and create a well-rounded and turbulence-proof portfolio.

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Are Your Making Optimal Decisions When Pricing Your Consumer Loans?


Consumer Loan Personalization: Why Now

Lenders wanting to maintain their competitive advantage need to be looking for ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace. So then, how do you cut through the noise to reach those buyers trying to find the loan that’s just right for them? The answer - loan personalization -  and it’s exactly why personalization has been gaining popularity in the past several years across all consumer lending lines including unsecured personal loans, auto, and mortgage.
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A 65% reduction in unprofitable loans and a 10-15bp lift in profitability

This is what Earnix was able to deliver for a Tier-1 Bank in North America. With real-time pricing optimization backed by AI analytics, you can deploy price updates to the market daily, before the competition can even schedule a meeting between their data scientists and the pricing team.

About Earnix

Earnix is a global provider of real-time, AI-driven dynamic pricing, product personalization, and digital decisioning solutions for financial services industry including consumer lending, auto finance, mortgages, and more. Our agile pricing engine makes personalized offers a reality, shortening time to value and closing the business before competition can react.